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    Connor Ronan - Past, Present or Future?

    im pretty sure he’s scored a couple of headers and (according to the PL stats page) he’s made 111 headed clearances, surely they can’t all have been unchallenged.
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    Derby takeover about to collapse

    To be honest, I think Wayne Rooney is very wise (never thought I’d ever use those words in the same sentence) not to contemplate Investing his own money in ownership of Derby County. Much safer to let others carry the financial risk and wrath of supporters when things go off the rails.
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    Gabriel Slonina

    That is good to hear - I’d be delighted if he is back to full-health
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    Gabriel Slonina

    This would be a very good signing for the club. My concern is that this could be a signal that the shoulder injury Sarkic has sustained may be more challenging to overcome than many expect - I hope that is not the case, but shoulder injuries and goalkeepers is rarely a happy combination.
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    Jose Sa

    I recall somewhere around £25k pw being reported when he signed - not sure wether that was based on fact or guesswork though!
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    Staines Town

    A tenant with longstanding issues with their landlord, now playing out in public. I doubt this will get much attention beyond the local paper.
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    Victor Moses

    If his contract has been terminated then I’d expect he’d be able to sign as a free-agent.
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    Nelson Semedo

    6-8 weeks out, i Would expect the rehab team to be a little cautious - no point in rushing his return, gently does it and all well-prepared for next season
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    I wonder if Ken Bates will be on the phone to him trying to buy it for £1 again!
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    Pedro Neto

    Was very surprised that he came on - but delighted to see him on the pitch again!
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    Pedro Neto

    I didn’t notice one
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    Adama - impact analysis

    Great work on the analysis, I think many people have felt that his biggest benefit to the team is as a second-half substitute to change the course of a game against a tiring opponent. This reinforces those views with some data. i Suspect it will all be a bit academic shortly, assuming he does...
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    Reaching 30 points

    to my mind this is a very good barometer of how to rate progress this year ….. very positive, only the ’goals for’ column raises an eyebrow. fingers crossed for more of the same points-wise during the second half of the season
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    Pedro Neto

    Personally, i would view any game-time this season as a bonus for Neto, I’d expect the medical team to be pretty cautious with his return to the first team
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    Pedro Neto

    Given the nature of his injury and the fact it has always been termed ‘complex’ it was always very unlikely that he’d be able to contribute anything meaningful this season. There is no need for any part of his rehab to be rushed, however all athletes want to return as quickly as possible - I’m...
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    How many points do you expect this season?

    My thoughts exactly
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    Boly - a discussion .

    I’m guessing that his comment is primarily reinforcing the message to Jeff Shi that he is keen on at least 1 centre-half addition in January.
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    Poland v England

    Coady coming on - maybe not!
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    The Keeper

    Credited with being highly influential to Banks and Wilsons’ game, plus Lev Yashin believing he was the only other man who should be considered a world-class goalkeeper at the time .... he was undoubtedly a tremendous player. The TV biopic wasn’t great, but harmless viewing and gave a little...
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