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  • I going over on the friday but the last time we played there a lot of us met at Bruxelles on Grafton Street.
    I too am anxious about Ikeme, but do you remember a certain Hennessy, who was 3rd. choice goalkeeper at the time of the playoffs the season before last. Hasn't he done well since. Perhaps CI will have us all eating our words after Saturday. On the game, it will be another testing occasion for Stephen Ward, if he comes out of this game and the Reading match with two further excellent displays, I think the position will be his for the foreseeable future. My thoughts were that the Charlton - Reading matches were going to be a severe test for the club and so far we have taken 9 out of 9. That is good enough in itself to suggest that we will be in the shake up at the end of the season. To take 6 from the remaining two games will almost suggest I have died and gone to Heaven.
    The one problem I foresee is the January transfer window. I've said elsewhere that I don't believe any footballer would want to go to Wigan, but I now see Everton and Newcastle are supposedly lining up bids also. I would be concerned about the former club making a successful bid and also about Newcastle if they turn their season around. One doesn't know what SEB's contract says and there has to be concern that if the right Premier club comes in, he would be gone.
    I think DH is a reasonable player at Premiership level. If I have the right player, he played at centre half for Sunderland for most of last season. I suspect his sale has less to do with the quality of his play and more to do with Roy Keane signing what he considers a better quality player.
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