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Recent content by oldun

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    Bobby Mason - still going strong!

    I'm old enough to have seen him play. He was something of an Andy Mutch-type finisher, except that he probably missed three chances for every one he put away. I still recall with amusement a headline in the Sporting Star shortly before we played Barcelona in the European Cup: 'Mason Warns...
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    Joao Moutinho

    Different era I know but Peter Broadbent was equally skilled and scored 145 goals in 497 appearances. I loved watching him and now in my dotage love watching Moutinho. Enjoy them all while we can.
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    Forum Issues?

    HP Windows 10, Firefox. Now working fine.
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    Forum Issues?

    Same problem using desktop and also very slow once on site. Fine on phone.
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    Today's games 2019/20 season

    It's been reported that he's ill and wasn't fit enough to travel with the Belgian squad.
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    Act your age Mixers!!

    Also 75: born 11.7.36. First game at Molineux FA Cup v Charlton 1946, 1-1, Billy Wright Wolves scorer.
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    Amusing Funeral Songs....

    One actually played at a funeral attended by a friend of mine: 'Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.'
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