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Mr Sizzle
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  • Hi Mate
    Good to hear from you. Still checking in on the odd occasion (for example I've enjoyed expressing my tuppenneth on the Burrda farce today). I'd be well up for getting together before the season's start. Wider families too, etc? Let me know what you have in mind!
    Nope, sorry mate.

    My dad offered to grab me a tkt on top of the ST which was v kind but I'm already tied up with Mel & Jack in Brum - gotta enjoy all these free weekends we have as a family in advance of moving back to Wolvo and not having any privacy for a couple of months!

    I'd imagine I'll be there at the next home game though.

    Can't go for long without - it's agony! Odd, really, considering it's painful viewing at the mo. Although first half against Cardiff was way, way better.
    all good mate - just about calmed down after Sat. There isnt much in the way of gossip/rumours around a CB which is my biggest worry.
    Sorry I missed your message fella. Paul and I had already switched off the PC by the time it arrived! Thankfully we had just enough time to post an anti-Collins message on a thread! Hope all's 'jim dandy'.
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