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Recent content by Mardenboroughs Shoulder

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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Haven't we signed anyone yet!
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    Roger Johnson loses his case

    Sfannyhorpe United.
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    Forest Owner under PL scrutiny

    Would be interesting if Forest qualify for Europa and draw Olympiacos?
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    Stadium Plans

    The plan was to replace it out of the gate receipts from our next cup final!
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    Stadium Plans

    Nothing wrong with this. I'm ordering this for my lounge but the Mrs wants it in blue?
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    Valuing a football club

    Price of London real estate!
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    Jose Sa vs Rui Patricio

    No contest, Sa would batter Patricio but I don't think Rui would want to spoil his looks?
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    I thought they went out of fashion in the seventies?
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    Are VAR taking a look. Hope Pedro has trimmed his armpit hair today!
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    Time after time after time. If only they were as poor at football?
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    At least we got one. Who scored?
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    Rumours from the pub

    We should get Carter but Kenny Miller's a bit over the hill now?
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    Ask Wolves

    If it goes well this year then Vinny will sell you next year's as a multi media download for just £25 and £5 extra if you want to print it at home. Get it a week early with an Ask Wolves Premium Membership for £95 for a limited period only!
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    Ask Wolves

    I've ordered the extended Directors Cut complete with alternative ending and a compendium collectable booklet listing all the jobs Jeff Shi has performed during the season together with photographic evidence. Forward by David Attenborough highlighting how an almost extinct old football club has...
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    Finishing refereeing

    A sincere thank you for what you have given to the game. I know we moan about refs a lot on here but it takes some guts to actually do the job and particularly at grass roots level. I do hope you will continue to comment especially on threads related to refs and rules of the game. I have enjoyed...
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