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Recent content by Brixton Wanderer

  1. Brixton Wanderer

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    This is why people don’t share anything on here anymore.
  2. Brixton Wanderer

    What are your rules for respecting a poster ?

    I’m not interested in reading the same post reworded by the same poster constantly over and over again, especially when it’s isn’t constructive. It’s pretty disappointing how bad it’s got on here to be honest. Misery breeds company.
  3. Brixton Wanderer

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    I don’t think it’s certain that we’ll be selling Neves.
  4. Brixton Wanderer

    Romain Saïss x 200

    Strange announcement video. Best of luck to him, though!
  5. Brixton Wanderer

    Oh Adama Traore!

    This is a great post. I’m not his biggest fan but don’t dislike him either. I think with where we’re at currently (not knowing what our targets our in the window) I would keep him if he’s committed, used in rotation and not on silly wages. This said, he does need to get more assists. Only x3...
  6. Brixton Wanderer

    Rumours from the pub

    Completely wrong on Nuno’s thoughts on Max.
  7. Brixton Wanderer

    Would any "neutral" mind if we went down ?

    Just as it’s Bruno’s job to get the best out of his players, it’s Sellars job to get the best out his manager. As we look at the ins and outs in January whilst we consider the position we were in, can we honestly say that Bruno has been given enough opportunity to succeed here? Bruno has won a...
  8. Brixton Wanderer

    Bruno Lage

    I feel for him a bit to be honest. I think there may have been too much damage done to stick with, and I also have a feeling of dread that the problem isn’t actually (at least solely with) Bruno. I have to say, Sellars worries me a bit. Hoping it just the disappointment of our form giving me...
  9. Brixton Wanderer


    If offered 10th last summer, I think most would have been fairly content, but in context of how the season has played out, specifically the drop in form over the final part of the season, it isn’t good enough.
  10. Brixton Wanderer

    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    I didn’t even celebrate, just burst out laughing.
  11. Brixton Wanderer

    Please don’t sign Hwang

    Buying players as marketing tools aside, you’re completely wrong about South Korea.
  12. Brixton Wanderer

    Bruno Lage

    I have a feeling we’ll part ways after the Liverpool game.
  13. Brixton Wanderer

    Bruno Lage

    Not sure why you’ve felt the need to try and patronise me. Don’t care to know why either. Anyone who hasn’t took to Bruno because ‘sometimes you just don’t like certain people for whatever reason’ isn’t in the real world, they’re in their feelings. That’s their problem, not his.
  14. Brixton Wanderer

    Bruno Lage

    Plenty’s nowhere near enough. Bruno’s success is Wolves’ success.
  15. Brixton Wanderer

    Bruno Lage

    ‘I think plenty want him to succeed.’ We should all want him to succeed. Plenty isn’t nowhere near enough.
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