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Recent content by Arky_R

  1. Arky_R

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    used to like Barcelona ****ing ****s
  2. Arky_R

    2022/2023 Memberships

    Any idea when these will be sent out? was kinda hoping they would be ready for my sons birthday at end of July
  3. Arky_R

    Oh Adama Traore!

    He may not be **** but he's not very good. For someone of his age he doesn't do a lot of the basics and has had multiple coaches. I can see the appeal he's fast and of course on that front theres nobody like him. He does create space as a result which should be exploited....(maybe not his...
  4. Arky_R

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Surely can do better than Roma jeez. Hopefully bumps up the price
  5. Arky_R

    Fosun out?

    I think if they could stay and get some investment then maybe that will help. They appear to be sensible but that won't really keep us progressing at least quickly anyway.
  6. Arky_R

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    you forgot to say FACT ;) Its very generational....would be interesting to see the ages next to each of these posts. I'm 40 and hadn't played games in years until covid happened now find it a good way of chatting with mates couple times a week. I find it all fasinating as my background is...
  7. Arky_R

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    You'll be surprised to know professional footballer players play these games online on a platform called Twitch Pretty sure Pique plays fifa online, even people like Snoop Dogg or whatever his name is these days play the American football game on there. Theres a lot of money to be made even at...
  8. Arky_R

    Romain Saïss x 200

    Doubt that’s what he wants. I think it’s the correct time to move him on
  9. Arky_R

    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    just give him away ffs
  10. Arky_R

    Something has to change

    Don’t sure it’s a tough call. Seems easy to me! Mind it shouldn’t stop with binning off Bruno there’s some real deadwood that needs shifting. Pray for some action
  11. Arky_R

    Moutinho, a non Wolves appreciation.

    I’d be looking to upgrade his position for sure.
  12. Arky_R

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Come on it’s still Man Utd! yes they have had a bad run for a while but they will get it right at some point and start challenging again. I’m sure they can promise more in terms of ambition for the look of the squad.
  13. Arky_R


    Missed the 2nd half mrs making me do couple things. Looking forward to watching that later
  14. Arky_R

    Chelsea v Wolves comms thread.

    its kinda his thing
  15. Arky_R

    Staying @ Wolves - Traore or Trincao or Barca / Sporting Swap Deals??

    What’s the one about the clock again
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