View Full Version : a win could give us confidence to push on

10-02-2012, 13:19
a win on sunday would mean back to back wins since the morgan $$$$$$$ing which is something we haven't done since the start of the season I feel this would give us confidence to push on towards the end of the season hoping to claim another 15 points to stay up

what does everyone think? will 39 points be enough to stop up ?

discuss at will

come on you wolves

10-02-2012, 13:27
39 points will surely be enough.

10-02-2012, 13:32
35 points will be enough.

Boss Hogg
10-02-2012, 14:27
A win will certainly start making the teams above us look over their shoulder, and some may buckle under that pressure

10-02-2012, 14:36
We need the win 1. to prove last week was no flash in the pan. 2. keep the supporters on side and keep their faith. 3. give fresh confidence to the boys 4. bring other teams into the battle.

Sunday, make no mistake about it, is massive. Much bigger than last seasons derby.

10-02-2012, 14:49
Much bigger than last seasons derby.

I don't know, last seasons home game was pretty important too

10-02-2012, 14:54
It's definitely not bigger than last seasons, not by a long, long way.

If we lost last seasons game, or even drew, we would have been as good as down that very day. Even after winning it and winning at Sundrland it very nearly wasn't enough.....

It's still big though, and a win would be massive, even a draw would be ok and keeps us close enough to enough teams, plus would keep a mini-streak going.

10-02-2012, 14:57
35 will probably be enough, but I want us to finish with more than that. Let's see if we can possibly reach 40. Then I might be happy.

Wolf in Cradley
10-02-2012, 15:03
Before the game in May Mick said if Wolves could beat A****n then he would be certain we would survive due to the confidence it would give the players and the fans. Although we are not in a desperate position going into this game as last year I feel the same. If we can win this one, the fact it would be 2 wins on the trott and pulls them into the battle I firmly believe we would survive come the end of the season again!

10-02-2012, 15:30
Fraz wolf in talking sense shocker :)

Edgmond Wolf
10-02-2012, 15:53
Beat the Baggies and it will make a big difference to the teams confidence

Come on the Wolves

greco wolf
10-02-2012, 15:55
36 pts will be enough

win on sunday - 4 more to go...