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Marauding Wolf
05-02-2012, 08:51
In every part of a game where I have seen us be effective, players breaking from midfield, especially central midfield has been the difference.

Often we play 4-5-1 we have one up top, one central midfielder who tries to get up with him and that's hit. When we play 4-4-2 we often have both central midfielders sitting deep i.e the problem with Frimpong and Henry being the central two.

I think we all know the limitaions of Edwards, but watching yesterday's second half again, it was apparent that his prescence in the box was creating space for our strikers and causing marking problems for their defence.

It also meant that a quality ball player (O'Hara) was picking the ball up off the defence and then making us go forward. Often when O'Hara is the most forward of the central midfielders he still feels the need (rightly or wrongly) to come and collect the ball of the defenders, this automatically means his forward passing options are reduced and the midfield is very congested.

Premier League defences are generally too quick and organised to rely simply on your 'forwards' trying to unpick them. I hope that second half is reminder that what ever the formation we have to encourage midfielders and wingers to get in the box and get involved when they see a decent opportunity.

Sedgley Gold N Black
05-02-2012, 09:46
I think have 3 forwards on the pitch helped creating the space.

If we stay up we need a technically better version of Edwards, over the last few games he's had a some great chances to score yet fluffed them; Spurs & Villa especially. Unless he's within the 6 hard box he can't score. His shooting is shockingly bad, no power & no accuracy.

05-02-2012, 09:52
Watching it on TV it looked like the impetus moved in our favour when Frimpong was injured and we went 4-4-2. Up until that point QPR were penetrating regularly. After we changed the formation we got more possession and stifled the supply to the forwards because their back line was suddenly under more pressure and cold'n't play the ball out from the back so easily. When Cisse got himself sent off that only made it more obvious but the formation change when it was still 11 v 11 had already had a positive effect. When we pushed Doyle up at halftime and pushed Foley back to full back we were even more effective until we got nervous in the last ten or fifteen minutes and allowed them o come at us. We should have kept going and gone for a third to kill the game off and take pressure off our back line.

We should stick to the more positive formations from now on. We need to start scoring goals and with one up top it is always very difficult.

05-02-2012, 10:27
It's not so much the personnel as just giving them the license to go forward - last season at home vs Spurs we had a midfielder constantly getting in the box and he's certainly not classed as a runner!

Yesterday we committed players forward, and surprise surprise, scored a couple of goals. The second goal, if O'Hara wanted to go wide, Jarvis was ahead of him, he played it into SEB, who had Doyle behind him, who in turn had Fletcher behind him. In other words we had numbers in the box and it makes a huge difference. If Jarvis had been played in he'd have had three to aim at rather than the usual lone striker.

Commit more players forward, be a bit bolder and at least we won't go down with a whimper.

Marauding Wolf
05-02-2012, 10:30
Yeah I think fluidity is the word. At times we play like we've coned off the pitch for a training session. With players learning their positions on a pitch. Yesterday we have players changing positions and running into less predictable areas and as a result were harder to predict and mark.

Brandons gramps
05-02-2012, 10:43
Mick pointed out that Doyle was more effective because he gave him licence to roam

Hopefully he'll remember that !

05-02-2012, 10:56
Surely this thread should have been called 'Marauding Midfielders'

05-02-2012, 12:58
Mick stumbled upon the formation yesterday.

His hand was forced so it was more luck than judgement. it was nice to see Doyle get a bit more confidence from a runout and goal. wouldnt surprise me to see Doyles name on the teamsheet in the right wing spot.

05-02-2012, 14:00
however we have arrived at it we now have some decent players for this level in the team.
foley, bassong, ohara, doyle, frimpong, fletcher are all good on the ball and now the backbone of the squad for the remainder of the season. jarvos finish was cool and controlled yesterday, if he can believe more in himself when shooting he will add a new dimension to his game. johnson looked better with a ball playing partner.

MK Panther
05-02-2012, 14:59
Mick and Clippy seem to stumble into formations that provide positive outcomes but easily revert into negative outcomes which cause chaos and anxiety. Almost everytime we win it seems to be because of a change of personnel or a peice of luck.

05-02-2012, 15:07
Think most on here will agree that Doyle has something to offer. He seemed to have run out of idea's and did not get the goals playing the lone striker.

But playing from the middle and supporting the lone striker or even the front two he has more of a free role which suits him.

Mick needs to realize that giving him and O'hara free roles can only benifit us.

05-02-2012, 15:17
I've been saying it for a while now but can't we coach Doyle into playing as the man in the hole in between the main striker (Fletcher) & just in front of the midfield? Something along the lines (when everyone's fit) of

Foley, Johnson, Bassong, Ward
Frimpong, O'Hara (picking the ball up from the defence)
Kightly, Doyle, Jarvis

05-02-2012, 15:32
Great thread! I am drunk, though, so won't contribute.

05-02-2012, 15:40
Losing OHara for so long has had a major impact on our ability to drive forward from midfield. It's as clear as day why we look so bad sometimes, Dave Edwards has the running stamina and pace but not the ball control.

Look at some of the best teams who drives them forward through the centre - Luka Modric at Spurs, Adams/Gerrard at Liverpool, Lampard at Chelsea, Mark Davies is starting to do that for Bolton etc

All of them run with or onto the ball. Its positive play with real movement and drive. That is what we lack from the centre. Edwards gives us a poorer quality version of this, with OHara probably the best we have.

As everyone knows I still beleive Mick is the right personal for this wolves 'project' over the longer term. BUT the one thing that raises some doubts in my mind is the need some of this quality in the centre - I am not sure he really sees the need for that, and it worries me.

Apocalypse Now
05-02-2012, 15:45
Great thread! I am drunk, though, so won't contribute.

1532 on a Sunday afternoon:eek: