View Full Version : Wolves v Everton is now to be played on 6th May

02-02-2012, 16:26
Moved to Sunday (as is every other PL game so that the FA cup final is the only game played on the Saturday)

Sunday is for church !

02-02-2012, 16:38
Just seen this too. It would be funny if no Premier League club gets to the Final.

Edgmond Wolf
02-02-2012, 16:40
What time??

Where did you see it?

02-02-2012, 16:44
So our pitch invasion is now on a sunday fantastic

02-02-2012, 16:44
Just seen this too. It would be funny if no Premier League club gets to the Final.

Only one made it to the League Cup version so it's possible I suppose

02-02-2012, 17:32
Ain't the final a little early??

02-02-2012, 18:16
I agree with this. Should have happened last season.
Playing other games on cup final day was madness

02-02-2012, 18:25
Great another game I'll have to miss. :mad:

02-02-2012, 18:27
Usually I'd moan but I was having to miss this as I was in Laaaaandon.

Good news for me : )

Jonny De Wolf
02-02-2012, 18:27
Ain't the final a little early??

Has to be a clear four weeks due to Euro championships so Final is before the end of the season again.

02-02-2012, 20:31
I'm not THAT bothered about this usually i'd hate it (games should be saturdays 3pm) but Carl Froch is expected to fight in nottingham that night so was gonna be a bit of a rush from the game to notts for the fight

so two sunday games on the tro to end the season then! aint happy about that it normally means going into work hungover come monday

02-02-2012, 23:36
Now they should do the honourable thing and put the Cup Final kick off back to 3pm, instead of the currently planned 5.15!!

Penk Wolf
02-02-2012, 23:38
Won't the Wigan game be on a Sunday too?

02-02-2012, 23:40
Yes, Survival Sunday as usual

03-02-2012, 01:48
Yes, Survival Sunday as usual

What makes you think we won't be relegated by then? :D

Only joking...

Moira Stewart
03-02-2012, 12:36
Pathetic, so that's a whopping two saturday home games between now and May. That'll be about four home games on a Saturday in nigh on 7 months.