View Full Version : team spirit

01-02-2012, 22:12
the one thing above all else was a spirit in the squad that had us competing in every match. its seems to have gone with johnson as captain. now morgan is trying to do the job of the manager.
that approach will break us.

Hatch End
01-02-2012, 23:19
With their lack of skill our players have to play at 110% every game, just to stay level with the competition.

No-one can do that consistantly, no matter what Mick says to them before the game. So they make mistakes, make easy passes instead one of to the man in space ( if any ), make sure that they are not in space to receive the ball and hide whenever possible.

It happens every game, but who can blame them, when they are out of their depth?

Surrey Wolf
01-02-2012, 23:41
And also that if you want a decent consistent premiership quality player you've got to pay big wages...35k & upward..... We chose to spend money on buying players who mostly came earning modest wages, quantity over quality.... decent players at this level want the big wages.