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Denmead Wolf
01-02-2012, 16:36
Bit like the popular Drunk Thread, but for Wolves related dreams. Other than dreaming of a win(!) we all must dream odd Wolves dreams, so thought I would kick it off with 2 I have had this week.

We sold Doyle to Villa, but he was able to play one last game for us. He scored 2 goals, both from 2 yards, the 2nd was with his head 1ft off the floor. In a game v Villa. Fletch commented it was the best finishes he had ever seen. Weird huh?

Last nights was very odd. I met Alan Curbishley at a lunch / dinner / corporate thing and asked about his availability / interest in the Wolves job. He said he couldnt apply, because he was now a trained mechanical engineer and had invented a plane that could fly to Canada and back on one tank of fuel whilst doing crop spraying whilst over there.
So its official, he is off the list too.

If I wasnt on the wagon for January, I would have posted these on the drunk thread

01-02-2012, 16:39
wolves beat barcelona 4-1 in the champions league final

Bankswolf II
01-02-2012, 16:41
Steve Bull gets some new knees and sets upon finding the fountain of youth

01-02-2012, 16:41
i dreamt I logged onto MM and no one was moaning about anything

01-02-2012, 16:45
Beating WBA in an FA Cup Final.

01-02-2012, 16:57
Having grown up with 70's Wolves side.

I wish we were in the top division of the English league, I wish we competed and occasionally beat teams and felt worthy of being in the elite, I wish we belonged. And I didn't get patronising texts from around the world congratulating me on my team 'winning a point' against Arsenal and Spurs. Again, I just wish we belonged.

Am I wishing too much?

QB Wolf
01-02-2012, 17:01
I woke up three times last week I had this recurring nightmare that we were deservedly 2-1 up against Villa and Jarvis from our left back spot hoiked the ball into the air to the edge of our area, one of their young brummie $$$$s won the header and our old centre forward scored the equaliser and the game turned on its head.

This is true it woke me up three nights on the trot!!!

Denmead Wolf
01-02-2012, 17:01
Er, the idea of the thread was to post dreams we had actually had, (Wolves related, not the Katy Perry ones).

Do you think I "wish" of meeting Alan Curbishley to discuss mechanical engineering? It was an actual dream!:rolleyes:

01-02-2012, 17:11
Oh right, not just pipe dreams then! I've had two recently, one was Fletcher smashing in a belter in off the bar at Molineux, don't know who against, the other was around a week ago, we signed Robert Ullathorne on deadline day...

01-02-2012, 17:12
I dreamt moxey wasn't a slimey bull$$$$ting spin merchant.

Edgmond Wolf
01-02-2012, 19:18
I dream we survive

Wonder Boyo
01-02-2012, 19:29
I had a dream that I remember vividly before the first game of the 1982-83 season. I was 13 years old and excited about going to Molineux the next day, it was Dougan's first game after the takeover and he was standing in the North Bank. Anyway... I dreamt that Wolves were 1-0 down and Eves was through on goal, he took it around the keeper and hit it towards the goal only for a tree to grow on the penalty spot and block the shot. I was devastated and we went on to lose 1-0. Thankfully, the following day we were 1-0 down but came from behind to win 2-1 with Mel Eves scoring both goals.