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31-01-2012, 22:05
This rant is intended to be cathartic, cheaper than therapy and less messy than jumping in front of the 23.15 to Paddington; but I can still make it if needs be, the railway line is dead near my house.

20 games with no clean sheet.

Conceded 2 or more goals 14 times this season.

5 league home games in a row where we’ve conceded 2 goals or more.

No win in 9.

No progress and no lessons learned from our last-gasp escape last season.

Roger Johnson is our captain.

Hunt is our 2nd top league scorer on 3 – and 2 were penalties.

Elokobi is still on our pay-roll (great bloke, but if he’s a Premiership LB then I’m a typewriting goat).

No new signings of quality to attempt to keep us up – Frimpong loan a slight caveat to that.

Moxey said there was money held over from the summer; where’s the money gone?


Moxey the spin-master is really $$$$ing me off.

Morgan is building luxury houses (in a recession –but that’s another story).

We start every half of football AWFULLY. No hustle, no pace, no quality: no good.

Whoever is in charge of coaching at Wolves get Dave Edwards on shooting practice ALL February!

I haven’t seen Wolves play well since August – battling draws in North London are not included.

Bla, bla, bla.

But it’s okay because we’re a well-run club; we even made a nice little profit last year. If we get relegated we will have some nice juicy parachute payments so that’s okay. Oh! And Mick is the best fella to take us back up if we go down – so we can expect another spell of being in the bottom 5 all year in season 2013/14. Glorious.

And for those who say the negative fans are the issue and that we should all blindly support the 3 M’s regardless – what have we been doing for 5 years? But this is just getting ridiculous now.

Rant over.

31-01-2012, 22:06
Sticky this

31-01-2012, 22:09
1 point from safety with 16 games still to play.

31-01-2012, 22:11
Sums up the situation perfectly.

Big Saft Kid
31-01-2012, 22:12
1 point from safety with 16 games still to play.

And the worst manager in the PL by a country mile. No change, no hope.

31-01-2012, 22:14
1 point from safety with 16 games still to play.

Good point, I'm not totally suicidal and to be fair, we could be cut miles adrift so there's hope there somewhere... but is anyone else going to be worse than us from now until May? Maybe Wigan. Maybe Bolton... maybe Blackburn. It's 3 from 4 imo.

Tettenhall Wolf
31-01-2012, 22:17
Well said

Thank you Sir Jack
31-01-2012, 22:51
Top notch post. Very difficult to argue against.
Remember when you were a kid and you used to think that despite averaging less than a point a game you still believed that you could get three points from every remaining game Strangely some grown ups still do.
Could someone wake me up when we reach the tipping point and have to get 4 points from every game to stay up - any predictions as to when this might be?

Phys Ed Wolf
31-01-2012, 22:57
Sums it all up perfectly, yet McCarthy has come out and says we're still on course to stay up. This season we've been out thought, out fought and out bought.
Moxey and Morgan, despite what you say about what we're spending in comparison to others, we are trying to stay up on the cheap. Come out and say it, don't put any spin on it and let us have a manager who will get us playing attractive football, at least let us be entertained whilst we struggle.

I've defended him it seems since we got promoted but I can't stick up for Mick anymore I'm afraid. Time to go.

31-01-2012, 23:24
I suppose I can retract the 'no signings' statement now. Very surprised but great news about Bassong.

And for those interested souls, I didn't jump under the 23.15... close thing though.